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Book keeping

Book keeping doesn’t means only "keeping records of what is bought, sold, owed, and owned; what money comes in, what goes out, and what is left."

There is much more to bookkeeping than mere record keeping and we can take this significant burden from our client’s shoulders, support from us will- free up your time and resources, you can invest your valuable time on building your strengths; which makes excellent business sense. Our complete book keeping service includes:

  • Supplier invoice records
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Cash book records
  • Petty cash records
  • Debtor and creditors
  • Schedules Complete nominal ledgers
  • Trial balance


accountingOur payroll service is an extremely resourceful means of improving the performance of your business management whilst presenting savings on an in-house function. Genite Associates (UK) Ltd has a long established experience in processing Payrolls for companies with any number of employees to a large company. These services include:

  • Payslips preparation
  • Calculation of statutory payments for sickness, paternity and maternity leave.
  • The processing of overtime, commissions and other payments,
  • completed End of Year Return forms P60, starter forms P46 and leaver forms P45.

Accounts Preparation

The preparation of accounts is the core of services that we provide. Your responsibilities as a director or as a business owner to prepare and submit accounts to Companies House, H M Revenue & Customs and other regulatory bodies are onerous. In addition creditors, banks and other financial institutions may all require sight of your accounts in support of credit facilities.

Our aim is to not only help you to meet your statutory requirements but also to ensure that your accounts and annual report presents a positive image of your business. The format of accounts and the interpretation of financial reporting standards are complex. Our trained partners and staff will ensure that your accounts comply with current requirements. Up-to-date software/Spreadsheets are used to ensure that the process is as efficient as it can be, so that more time can be spent interpreting the results with you than in processing the numbers.

This enables us to identify potential problem areas and to make recommendations that may result in opportunities to improve your business performance.

Statutory Accounts

If you are a limited company then you are required to prepare accounts which comply with legislation in terms of form and content. Your Accounts must be filed with companies house, in the statutory format and before due date and also with HMRC.

We shall unburden you of the worry of correctly calculating how your business has performed and we shall take away the complication of ensuring all technical disclosures are correct. We shall also ensure that they are prepared in sufficient time to be filed with the relevant Authorities by the statutory filing deadlines, so that no late filing penalties are incurred. When preparing these accounts, we shall be mindful that your tax liability is related to these results and we shall actively seek proven techniques to save taxes for you.

We are proud to be registered with Companies House and HMRC to submit the Accounts.

Management Accounts

Although the primary aim of such internal management accounts is to report the performance and financial position of the business to management, we will structure this reporting to also advise you on the following other factors:

  • Reporting on specific cost/profit centres.
  • Comparison of Actual performance to budget and/or comparative periods.
  • Costing information, including break-even turnover levels

Managing and improving a business requires well-timed and accurate financial information. We will ensure that the information is supplied to you when it is needed by you, we would not only be able to cut down the cost of having an internal Management Accountant but at the same time being an external party be able to give much better unbiased opinion.


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The preparation of individual, small and medium sized companies and charity organisations accounts are the core services that we provide.

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We specialise in UK VAT, corporation, and personal taxes.

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Forming a new company is a convenient, simple, and fastest process with the most economical fee.


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